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© 2019 Todd Monaghan

“In a time when there is enough well-executed, but wholly unfelt abstraction around to constitute a new salon, which indeed it has effectively done, Todd Monaghan’s work is as refreshing as a shower on parched ground.”


“Monaghan’s working methods impressed me at once, namely his restlessness, his visible willingness to embrace chance, a recklessness which struck me as very like the modus operandi that the first generation of Ab Exes had taken from Surrealist Automatism.”


Anthony Haden Guest, 

Internationally renowned Art Writer

About the Artist:

Todd Monaghan is an American artist, based in New York City, who explores spontaneous intuition and the subconscious mind by flicking, spilling, dripping, painting, and scraping paint into layered, textural, immersive, multi-level paintings and collages. Monaghan’s paintings engage formally with line and density on a large scale and thematically stare into the widest scope of all – our boundless universe.  His black paintings create other worlds, space realms with weird and strange planetary abstractions and stars.  Stretching as large as 118 inches, his paintings relate to the individual and whole of the cosmos in their gripping, expressionistic approach.


With influences including Franz Kline, Anselm Kiefer, Qin Feng, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Monaghan has been innovating in abstractionist art since the late 1990s. An early collaborator and mentee of artist Gregory Ilich, Monaghan has exhibited in many international galleries and art fairs including Paris, NY, Atlanta, Miami, LA, and has work is in the collections of important private, corporate, and academic collections.